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“My Dad had been racing since I was young, pretty much all of my life. So I was always involved, I was always at the shop.”

May 6, 2016 – For 25-year-old Sarah Cornett-Ching, being a trailblazer just comes naturally. Whether she is spending time on the jobsite as a certified welder, or making laps at the racetrack as a member of the National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR), she defies stereotypes and traditional gender roles while staying down-to-earth. Getting behind the wheel at only age 12, Sarah knew right away that she wanted to be a NASCAR driver. “Then, as I started having more success and moving up, I thought that this could actually be a career.”

“He wears them everyday to work, the same 874® work pants. They were navy blue, and he wore them all the time.”

Growing up at the track with her Dad, Sarah was no stranger to workwear, and her dad could always be seen in a pair of Dickies work pants, “Those are the pants that, I swear, my Dad has worn every single day of his life,” said Cornett-Ching through a laugh. “He wears them everyday to work, the same 874® work pants, so I guess it was just something that I had seen my whole life.” When she was old enough to enter the workforce as a welder, Sarah looked to the same clothes for the job. “As a welder, you need clothes that are tough. You also tend to burn through clothes, so you don’t want to spend outrageous amounts of money on them. So I’d go to the workwear store and Dickies is what I would buy.”

“My racing goals are to finish in the top ten points and
have some top fives this year.”

This year, Sarah is looking to shift her focus from ARCA to the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East & West. “Moving into the NASCAR K&N Pro Series is a big step forward for us,” she said, although her team has other aspirations, too. “I would like to be able to run some Xfinity races or truck races and to continue working to advance in the K&N Series that w e’re in, as well.” Sarah is already making more than track marks in NASCAR, recently earning the Coca-Cola Move Of The Race in the Mobile 150 in Mobile, Alabama. “I love to win a race and the competition in this series is very, very stiff. It’s tough racing.”

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See Sarah in action at the Mobile 150 in Mobile, Alabama.


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